The Dorm

Since 2009 our mission has been to guide young adults ages 18 to 35 towards independence through evidence-based clinical therapies, community support and practical skill building. Our treatment approach centers around the whole person, be that mental health and substance abuse therapy, or academic guidance and health and wellness support. The strength of our services lies in the unique balance we create between individualized treatment and the integration of a supportive peer-based community.

The Arise Society

We help young adults that are struggling with anxiety, depression, gaming and other motivational issues. We provide personalized academic, therapeutic, and social support in a real-world setting, which gives our students the skills to reach their fullest potential. They attend college and benefit from group and individual therapy, 24/7 availability of mentor support, activities and social events. We empower students to regain a sense of confidence, independence, and health as they move forward in life.

Spruce Mountain Inn

Located in the heart of Central Vermont, Spruce Mountain Inn has been providing compassionate, client-driven residential treatment and counseling since 1982 for young adults who are experiencing difficulty managing life. Our comprehensive and experiential approach integrates intensive mental health treatment with a Career & Education Development Program and independent living skill development to support residents toward renewed health, greater confidence, and a meaningful future.

Onward Transitions

Empowering a kind generation of contributing young adults. Onward Transitions in S. Portland, Maine, just two hours north of Boston, is a small, independent, owner-operated program for up to 18 bright, motivated, emerging adults learning to live on their own. OT supports actual, sustainable independent living, helping emerging adults become more autonomous. Participants (members) ages 18-30 never live with us; they live in their apartments throughout the city, selected according to personal preferences and resources.

EDGE Learning and Wellness

Since 2011, EDGE Learning and Wellness has been helping young adults learn the life skills necessary to successfully live independently. We accomplish this by providing our participants the opportunity to meet regularly with our clinically trained staff that assess and review goals, accomplishments, and areas of improvement. Our young adults are also given access to Chicago’s many extracurricular activities that build self-confidence, improve social skills and so much more.

Cornerstones of Maine

Cornerstones of Maine is a clinically-driven transitional living program designed to assist men, women, and gender nonconforming young adults (ages 18 to 28) in their journey to becoming independent. Our program provides a therapeutic, resident-centered approach that gives structure and support based on each resident's individual need. Through transformative therapeutic work and individual and group support, our residents work towards independent living. Our individualized program includes professional development, academic reengagement, and character building experiences that teach a myriad of skills and create pathways for successful life habits. These experiences, along with enrichment opportunities, promote emotional growth, personal value, and life purpose.

Clearview Communities

ClearView Communities, LLC is a long-term residential treatment center which provides intensive clinical, vocational, and community-based treatment for individuals with psychiatric illness. At ClearView Communities, we firmly believe recovery from mental illness IS possible. That means developing an understanding of one’s own illness and developing self-awareness of behaviors, which are both essential to making changes. We help people rekindle and build the hope of being a productive member of society.

Cascade Crest Transitions

Cascade Crest Transitions is a program designed specifically to work and empower young adults. Our students are ages 18-23, who are struggling in their launch to become healthy independent adults. A typical profile of our students’ challenges might include: difficulty sustaining healthy relationships, problematic mood and anxiety related issues, mild learning disorders, lack of social confidences, and motivation, and drug /alcohol use. We offer a setting, in which students develop healthy, independent-living skills, while receiving support and supervision from our licensed therapists, academic advisors, and dedicated independent living staff.

Bridge House

Bridge House is a diagnostic and assessment oriented residential treatment center for adults ages 18 - 60. Situated in a home-style, comfortable residential setting, stabilization, assessment, and treatment are provided for adults struggling with mental illness and substance abuse disorders. Each component of the Bridge House program is designed to assist individuals in gaining a better understanding of their illness, as well as, assisting them in acquiring the skills required to live a life with purpose and fulfillment. Bridge House operates from the belief that people struggling with psychological, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral problems are capable of experiencing wellness. Using a combination of compassion, care, diagnostic expertise, and clinical sophistication, Bridge House individualizes a course of care for each resident that is unique and personalized.
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