Substance Use Disorder focus

Bridge House

Bridge House is a diagnostic and assessment oriented residential treatment center for adults ages 18 - 60. Situated in a home-style, comfortable residential setting, stabilization, assessment, and treatment are provided for adults struggling with mental illness and substance abuse disorders. Each component of the Bridge House program is designed to assist individuals in gaining a better understanding of their illness, as well as, assisting them in acquiring the skills required to live a life with purpose and fulfillment. Bridge House operates from the belief that people struggling with psychological, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral problems are capable of experiencing wellness. Using a combination of compassion, care, diagnostic expertise, and clinical sophistication, Bridge House individualizes a course of care for each resident that is unique and personalized.

Back 2 Basics Outdoor Adventures (young adult)

Back2Basics combines addiction treatment program therapeutic counseling with experiential outdoor adventures to treat individuals with substance and alcohol addiction and lead them through rehab and recovery into long-term sober living. The program is highlighted by spending time in the beautiful serene wilderness where individuals are physically challenged, their minds are cleared and they learn ways to defeat old addictive thinking patterns through various outdoor adventures.

Westbridge, Inc.

WestBridge welcomes you to our treatment community, where we believe that every individual can heal through the process of recovery. Established in 2001, we are a family-founded CARF Accredited, licensed, non-profit organization located in Manchester, New Hampshire, with treatment outcomes published in an international journal. Men come from across the nation for our specialized care, and we integrate both family and community into every stage of our treatment. For men over 18 and their families experiencing mental illness with or without co-occurring substance use, we provide more than treatment. We provide hope.

Solstice East

Solstice East is a top rated residential treatment center caring for adolescent females ages 14-17. Our 25-acre campus, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains just outside of Asheville, NC, offers on-site equine therapy, an accredited academic schedule, plus world-class therapeutic programming to treat a wide range of trauma and disorders. Our clients receive a unique combination of therapeutic techniques stemming from both traditional and holistic mental health treatments that are gender and age-specific. We strive to empower our students with the ability to believe in themselves by providing the tools, support, and motivation necessary to instill these beliefs for life.

Petty Creek Ranch

Petty Creek Ranch is a faith-based behavioral modification and substance abuse treatment program for at-risk teenage boys, ages 12-18. Located in a remote cabin in Alberton Montana, Petty Creek Ranch is a Department of Health and Human Services inpatient chemical dependency treatment facility that is owned and operated by a Catholic family who is committed to helping the youth overcome their struggles in order to regain control of their lives. We offer the young men who enter our program a chance to reflect and rebuild themselves in a therapeutic environment that is free of all social and sexual distractions, negative peer pressure, and drug and alcohol use.
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