Cascade Crest Transitions

Cascade Crest Transitions is a program designed specifically to work and empower young adults. Our students are ages 18-23, who are struggling in their launch to become healthy independent adults. A typical profile of our students’ challenges might include: difficulty sustaining healthy relationships, problematic mood and anxiety related issues, mild learning disorders, lack of social confidences, and motivation, and drug /alcohol use. We offer a setting, in which students develop healthy, independent-living skills, while receiving support and supervision from our licensed therapists, academic advisors, and dedicated independent living staff.

Wingate Wilderness Therapy – Expanse

Expanse Wilderness is a proven program designed to increase confidence and positive self-awareness in Young Adults 18-28, who are struggling to make transitional changes. Immersed in nature, our students find healing through the challenges and “awakening” experiences associated with wilderness living. If you are Young Adult looking for a program that will guide you step by step through the process of Self-Discovery, Expanse Wilderness can help.

Aloft Transitions

Aloft Transitions is a residential life transition program for young adults 18 to 30 years old. Our clients participate in a therapeutic milieu which centers on preparing for an independent life through life skills coaching, career training, clinical counseling, and educational mentoring. Our aim is to successfully prepare each client for life as an ethical and responsible adult. The program focuses on attribute and value development, couched in a framework of relationship building, and mentoring from caring adult mentors. Clients also participate in frequent clinical counseling and group therapy. Aloft’s supportive and structured environment allows the approach to be individualized with each client per their individual needs and goals.

True North Wilderness

Inspiring and empowering students to identify positive choices and develop strategies for maintaining healthy relationships sets the cornerstone for a lifetime of success. Our team creates a safe and supportive environment that enables students to explore their personal strengths and skills while working to challenge limiting thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs. Sophisticated clinical methods are combined with an emphasis on self-reflection and experiential learning to develop proficiency in social, emotional, and independent living skills. Highly skilled guides and experienced therapists are committed to caring and non-punitive approaches that encourage confidence and personal growth. Each student progresses through the four phases associated with our written curriculum at their own pace, developing internal motivation and establishing consistency with new coping skills as they move forward.

Second Nature Wilderness Family Therapy, LLC

At the forefront of outdoor adventure therapy for over 20 years, Second Nature is the industry's most trusted and sophisticated wilderness therapy program, founded on the belief that teens and their families deserve quality clinical treatment, combined with sensitivy, care, and compassion. Second Nature works with adolescents struggling with a variety of mental health diagnoses, behavioral problems, development issues, learning disabilities, school problems and relational difficulties. The highly experienced admissions team at Second Nature is able to match your child's unique circumstance to one of our many niche therapy groups and therapists specializing in a specific population.
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