Parenting a struggling
teenager is challenging.
No one should have to go
through this journey alone.

We are here to put the power back in your hands.

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togetherly is a virtual wellness community to support parents and guardians of teens struggling with mental health. Our platform is a safe space to connect and share with others navigating a similar journey. We give you the tools and resources in one place so that you can be informed, empowered, and build your community.

Created by parents, for parents and caregivers.

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Make the best decisions for your family.
Join a community of support and receive
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Ask and Share

Find wisdom in written forums where you can connect with other parents, ask questions, and share your experience.

Join Parent Circles

Join a small group of parents to confidentially share, vent, laugh and cry. Parent Circles are live and virtual and led by an expert or parent coach. Think of this as your go-to support group.

Learn from Experts

Expert speakers share tips during virtual events on everything from parenting a struggling teen, to the impact on the whole family, and more.


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Navigate the journey

Obtain an overview of how to navigate the journey and world of treatment options for struggling teens. Find comprehensive answers to your questions.

Explore programs

Browse our directory of wilderness and residential treatment programs. Find an expert Therapeutic Education Consultant (TEC) who can help to tailor your options .

Enhance your Learning

Search through relevant articles, podcasts, and other helpful info in our resource library to help you through this period.

Too much jargon?
If there is something you don’t understand, check our glossary for more info.

Get real time advice from experts and parents.

Upcoming Events

Casey Seidenberg

Expert Session with Casey Seidendberg

Friday, June 27 at 4 PM EST

zoom parent therapy

Weekly Parent Circle


6 PM EST and more times coming soon

coffee together

Coffee & Chat

Every Saturday

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Your privacy comes first

Ask questions and respond anonymously. You can choose to sign-up with your information or use an alias.

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A safe space for members

This is a members-only community of parents going through similar challenges. We have community moderators on-board to ensure a welcoming and safe space. Judgment is never tolerated.

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You're in control

Our goal is to provide a space for parents to find tools and information, not to encourage or push specific programs or ways of thought. We receive no financial incentives from any program.


dad and son by fence

"I am the parent of a son who has struggled since early adolescence with anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation. After years of therapy, and more recently, a wilderness program followed by a year at a residential treatment program, he is doing significantly better. He now has the tools he needed to help him cope and even thrive. With all the talk about mental health in this country, the scandal is the lack of resources for parents looking for help."

— Robert, parent

See it for yourself. Join the community. Join the conversation.

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